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Health Outcomes from Raised Urban Settings

Transforming urban health habits and lifestyles to make cities become positive health determinants for people.



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HORUS aims to tackle NCDs, especially diabetes and CVDs, in urban built environments among vulnerable populations, mainly low-income communities, migrants and ethnic minorities. In particular, it has a twofold objective.

First, to analyse and explore in depth the causal links between the characteristics of the urban built environment and the prevalence of NCD risk behaviours in an integrated, comprehensive and multiapproach manner. HORUS will focus on existing urban interventions modifying the physical-social and functional characteristics of the built environment with a significant impact on the prevalence of risk behaviours and, eventually, NCD outcomes.

And, secondly, to develop pilot interventions in three European countries –Spain, Croatia and The Netherlands– to promote behaviour change towards healthier lifestyles for empowering vulnerable populations, and to support citizens in making optimal use of the urban environment they live in while reducing NCD risk behaviours, especially those related to diabetes and CVDs.