Rotterdam Pilot Site Description:

Erasmus MC will spearhead the Dutch pilot site of the HORUS project, aimed at fostering healthy lifestyles and optimizing urban built environments to mitigate the prevalence of non-communicable chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. The target demographic will encompass vulnerable citizens in the Rotterdam area, including those with lower incomes or migrants.

The pilot intervention adopts a multilevel approach, taking into account individual, interpersonal, and community factors to address the diverse needs of participants. Embracing a co-creation methodology, citizens will collaborate with researchers to develop components of the intervention, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness. To catalyze healthy behavioral changes, the intervention will integrate various strategies and activities. Notably, a motivational interviewing approach will be employed to enhance participant engagement and formulate personalized goals. Additionally, the inclusion of the Wakamola mobile social network app will facilitate community connections, aid in lifestyle monitoring, and support personalized health plans.