HORUS Pilot: Valencia



The aim of the Valencia pilot is to reduce the prevalence of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) such as diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular diseases, in vulnerable populations by fostering healthier lifestyles and the optimal use of urban built environments. This solution will address an integral approach that will be focused on the individual, interpersonal, and community levels of health and social care. Thus, it will provide a customized health plan for each participant, supported by social and health professionals.

The Valencia pilot group has developed a workshop schedule for pilot participants over nine months. During these workshops, participants will receive guidance on addressing unhealthy habits, adopting a healthy diet, engaging in fitness activities, and making optimal use of urban built environments to enhance their quality of life.

Target group:

This study targets adult citizens of Valencia who either have or are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and are part of vulnerable communities, including low-income groups, migrants, and ethnic minorities.

How it works / description:

The Valencia HORUS pilot program will incorporate remote prescriptions to encourage behavioural changes and promote healthier urban environment usage through a free urban social Wakamola network app. This initiative will be supported by smartphones to facilitate its implementation. As a result, the mobile application will suggest a customized health plan for each participant based on location records. This plan will also include medical motivational interviewing, focusing on personalized care to enhance participant motivation.

Participants will be able to control their personalized plan and check their progression on lifestyle in terms of nutrition, physical activity, personal conditions and social network. Moreover, healthcare practitioners will be able to access and review patient activity data, enabling them to adjust the personalized integrated health plan based on participant progress, among other functions. Additionally, HORUS will offer group sessions for training, motivation, and upskilling, particularly for individuals potentially affected by the digital divide.