The project management structure is adapted from the Consortium Agreement. It comprises two decision-making bodies, the General Assembly (GA) and the Executive Board (EB) with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. The GA is the ultimate decision-making body of the project while the EB is the operational management body responsible for efficient implementation, chaired by the coordinator.

The General Assembly (GA) consists of one participant per partner and will meet at least once a year in conjunction with the consortium meetings and upon request of 50% of the GA or EB members. It is the ultimate decision making body of the project for major issues like change of coordinator or EB members, major changes of work plan, budget reallocations, IPR, entrance /leave of partners and other non-technical matters of general importance. Thus the GA will decide e.g. about amendments to Annex I of the Grant Agreement and reallocation of related budgets based on EB suggestions.

The Executive Board (EB) is the operational management body of the project responsible for efficient implementation of the project. It consists of the coordinator & WP leaders with the coordinator being chairman. The EB works under the GA and assists, makes proposals and reports to the GA. It monitors and ensures quality of technical progress, approves progress reports and coordinates review of deliverables, assesses milestones and deals with technical problems that concern two or more WPs. Since several data security experts are members of the consortium, in the first EB meeting one responsible person for all data security issues will be assigned.




Composition of the General Assembly

UVEG – Chair-  Jorge Garcés
MEDRI – Member – Vanja Vasiljev
EMC – Member – Amy Van Grieken
BAX – Member – Marta Rofín Serrà
UPV – Member – Juan Miguel Garcia
KVELOCE – Member – Sandra Vilaplana
FISABIO – Member – Celia Bañuls

Executive Board

UVEG – Chair – Tamara Alhambra – WP1 and WP2
BAX – Member – Ruth Gow – WP3
MEDRI – Member – Vanja Vasiljev – WP4
EMC – Member – Amy Van Grieken – WP5
KVELOCE – Member – Juan Antonio Pavón Losada – WP6
FISABIO – Member – Milagros Rocha – WP7

External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB)

Assoc. Prof. Aleksandar Racz – University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb (Croatia) – Health ecology, public health and health management
Dr Ascension Doñate-Martínez – Universidad Isabel I (Spain) – Health management, public health
Dr Ignacio Peris Blat & Dr Salvador José Sanchis Gisbert – Peris & Sanchis Arquitectos SLP – Architecture, urban architecture, and architecture of public spaces