Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam – Partner Profile

Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam is dedicated to promoting population health and advancing healthcare excellence through rigorous research and education initiatives. As the largest university medical center in the Netherlands and one of Europe’s premier medical research institutes, Erasmus MC collaborates closely with local, national, and international public health organizations. Leading Work Package 5 (WP5), focused on evaluating intervention effectiveness, Erasmus MC will work in tandem with pilot sites to ensure robust evaluation methodologies. Leveraging its expertise in understanding the social and physical determinants of population health, as well as in developing and implementing effective health promotion strategies, Erasmus MC will play a pivotal role in the project’s success. Furthermore, Erasmus MC will spearhead the scientific dissemination efforts (WP6) and coordinate the Dutch pilot site (WP4).

Recent Project Activities:

In March, Erasmus MC engaged in discussions with the Municipality of Rotterdam to align HORUS project goals with existing programs, such as Rotterdam Loopt («Rotterdam Walks»), coordinated by the municipality. The potential synergy between these initiatives underscores the collaborative spirit of the project. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for April to further explore integration opportunities.

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