Cardiovascular health: data and statistics


There are more than 6 million new cases of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the EU every year and one of the determinants is obviously age. ❤️

The population is ageing and life expectancy is increasing, which is very positive, but as people get older they are more at risk of CVD, and this is worrying because by 2040, 155 million Europeans are expected to be aged 65 and over.


Cardiovascular diseases


HORUS aims to address NCDs, especially diabetes and CVD, in urban settings built and in vulnerable populations, because we know that this is also one of the determinants. 🌆

Encouraging people to adopt healthier lifestyles is important, but it is not enough, we need to work towards better data.

The European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health (EACH) has data and statistics on this by EU country. You can find the data here:

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