Climbing stairs may improve heart health

Good habits: stair climbing is linked to increased longevity and heart health


We all know that the best way to take care of our health is to practice good habits every day that keep us physically and mentally fit. Eat well, exercise, get enough sleep….

Good daily habits are the best way to help our bodies prevent #NCDs, especially #diabetes and #cardiovascular diseases, which are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide and kill more people than any other disease.

According to a study by British researchers at the University of East Anglia and the University of Norfolk and Norwich, stair climbing is linked to increased longevity and heart health.🧡

People who climbed stairs as a form of exercise were found to have a 24 per cent lower risk of ‘all-cause mortality’, i.e. dying from any cause, compared to those who did not climb stairs.

The benefits of exercise boil down to one specific attribute: its vertical nature. Compared to an activity such as walking on flat ground, stair climbing is a challenging effort against gravity that consumes 9.6 times more energy than sitting.

You can read more about the results of this study here: