WP7 led by Fisabio presents the guiding principles for HORUS ethics management

In order to offer the best performance, whilst respecting users rights and data, the HORUS project adheres to the strictest European and local legislation regarding ethics and public safety. In this respect, the Horus consortium of partners will conduct project activities in accordance with ethical principles, ensuring the ethical treatment and protection of data privacy for both public and private stakeholders, as well as citizens. This work is being developed within WP7, led by Fisabio, Fundació per al Foment de la Investigació Sanitària i Biomèdica de la Comunitat Valenciana (Fisabio) being part of the respective Regional Government, Generalitat Valenciana

Taking into account all ethics aspects, Horus has selected the following ethical values:

  • Clarity: easily understandable information using clear language for users.
  • Quality: Information based on scientific studies, expert consensus or professional experience.
  • Informed consent: Clearly description of participants’ rights and the implications of being involved in the research.
  • Privacy: Confidentiality for all data provided by participants and stakeholders.
  • Gender equality: Gender balance promotion.
  • Autonomy: Respecting participants’ decisions without interference.
  • Beneficence: No harm will be inflicted on the participants due to their vulnerability.
  • Justice: Providing fairness, equality and equitable interventions to tackle NCDs and related risk factors

Also, the HORUS Ethics Committee will be responsible for ensuring the project develops according to these ethical principles. This advisory board is composed by 10 expert members from Croatia, Spain, The Netherlands and Italy and will act as a consulting body addressing any ethical issue arising within the project along its implementation. Also, it will be supported by the external advisory board, composed by external experts that would provide guidance when needed. In any case as per March 2024, the ethical committee of HORUS is formed by:

Participant Organization Country
Tamara Alhambra-Borrás Polibienestar – UVEG Spain
Ruth Gow Bax & Company Spain
Lovorka Bilajac MEDRI Croatia
Esmee Bally ERASMUS MC The Netherlands
Sandra Vilaplana KVELOCE Spain
Sandra López Domènech Fisabio Spain
Vicent Blanes Selva UPV Spain
Antonio Manuel López Quílez UVEG (not Polibienestar) Spain
Marcello Pinti UNIMORE Italia
Anthony Polychronakis Municipality of Rotterdam The Netherlands

Find all management bodies here: https://horus-urbanhealth.eu/horus-management-bodies/