16 Apr 2024

Forest Therapy Hub 2024 – II Global Summit Science, Nature and Health April 16-17, 2024

Free Online Seminar. All Time Zones | In English and Spanish, with simultaneous translation.

The educational ecosystem is a living organism that feeds on the convergence of Innovation, Nature and Health. The II Global Summit fosters sustainability and professional development within a dynamic vital network that will allow attendees to engage with:

  • Cutting-Edge Research and Extensive Expertise: Experience the latest research from multidisciplinary fields alongside invaluable expertise and deep knowledge.
  • Practical Applications and Knowledge Sharing: Participate in practical applications led by field experts who share knowledge fostering a collaborative educational environment.
  • Online Outdoor Sessions and Support for Growth: Join Online Indoor/Outdoor Sessions to experience nature-based learning, boosting professional development and sustainability.

Here, Sofia Aivalioti from HORUS partner, BAX and Company, will participate in the congress presenting Healthy Cities that will be the basis for showcasing HORUS mapping systems, as well as  other examples of how working on health from urban design, architecture and others, as HORUS. The presentation is called Making Healthy Cities through health-promoting urban planning

More information and registration here: https://foresttherapyhub.com/2nd-global-summit-of-science-nature-health-april-16-17-2024/